Semester Program

Program Overview

Kinhaven Music School (KMS) is proud to offer an innovative semester program – in collaboration with Burr and Burton Academy (BBA) – for high school students.

Each fall semester, up to 16 students will gather at Kinhaven to live, perform, and study with each other and our faculty. The fall Semester Program runs for just short of four months – congruent with BBA’s academic calendar.

A week in the life of a student consists of academic courses in the mornings at BBA, followed by intensive coachings, lessons, and masterclasses during the afternoons and evenings at KMS.

For the 2025 semester, KMS/BBA tuition is $20,000, which includes room and board. Financial aid is available.

Kinhaven offers the only semester music program in the nation, molding our unique collaborative model of chamber music-making with a dynamic, engaging academic experience at Burr and Burton. 

Academics at BBA

Students at BBA have a great deal of freedom and choice in their education. With over 170 courses to choose from, the academic program provides students with a wide range of vigorous educational experiences in academics.

BBA ultimately equips students with the skills and understanding necessary for engaged citizenship and lifelong learning.

Music at KMS

Kinhaven’s Semester Program complements our summer programming by expanding our season throughout half the year, and providing a holistic educational experience for young musicians. 

Weekends are full with performances in different venues around Southern Vermont, oftentimes alongside celebrated artists from around the world.

Message from the Director

I am thrilled to announce Kinhaven’s collaboration with Burr and Burton to launch a groundbreaking Fall Semester Program for high school students in the rolling hills of Vermont. Sixteen students will join us each semester for a unique blend of chamber music-making at KMS and dynamic academic experiences at BBA.

This groundbreaking program, running for almost four months, offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to immerse in Kinhaven’s campus, and the vibrant communities around it. This expansion of Kinhaven’s programming to half the year is a crucial step in our growth and contribution to the cultural ecosystem of southern Vermont.

We cannot wait to have you join us for this innovative, educational experience.

—Tony Mazzocchi, Co-Executive Director, Kinhaven Music School

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