Kinhaven Launches Capital Campaign to Invest in Our Future

To accommodate the growth of our summer sessions and our audiences, and in anticipation of the launch of our Semester Program, the foremost imperative is to renovate our Concert Hall. The Hall has served us well for over 50 years but now requires additional practice spaces, seating for students and the public, improved safety features, and upgraded amenities. Concurrently, faculty housing, the Barn, and the Main House and Dining Hall kitchens are in need of renovations to support our commitment to providing an optimal learning environment. 

The cost to achieve this ambitious goal and secure Kinhaven’s future is $2 million, with $500,000 already raised. To date, Kinhaven has undertaken only two capital campaigns, which enabled us to purchase the campus from the Dushkin family, construct student housing, and make urgent repairs to the Main House. Your support is paramount in raising the remaining $1.5 million, ensuring that Kinhaven can fully realize its vision as a national model for music education. 

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